My life during quarantine and still losing weight with Noom … sort of

Like many other people, I am living life in virtual quarantine because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has been going on for about 1.5 months officially.

I am in San Antonio, and we are pretty much opening back up tomorrow, but I’ll continue to live more safely, and that will involve staying home, not exercising as much as I used to, and doing a lot more cooking.

Oddly, during this period of inactivity and eating of what seems to be everything, I have continued to lose weight on Noom.

I used to play disc golf almost daily, easily getting in 10k-20k (sometimes more) steps daily. Now on a good day I get in maybe 8k steps.

I used to not eat a lot of ice cream and sweets. Now I am eating a lot more of that stuff.

However, I used to dine out frequently. I thought that before the COVID rules I was eating informedly and carefully most of the time, but maybe I am remembering incorrectly, because I am a little confounded by my continued weight loss.

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Noom has helped me lose 30 pounds

I am now almost to 30 pounds down on Noom.

What? How’d that happen?

When I started the program I figured maybe after 20 pounds my body would stop losing, but here I am almost 30 pounds lighter, at 166.2.

This is a pretty amazing accomplishment for me. At age 60, I figured I’d lost any ability to be thin again.

The funny-in-a-sad-way thing about how I looked at 195, was the way people would associate me with “thin”. On more that one occasion, I’d been in conversations where someone would say to me, “Well, you’re thin,” or something similar.

Trust me, I never believed it. However, I suppose for the average American 60-year-old maybe I was thin.

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Living life 20 pounds lighter

I am not yet 20 pounds lighter from when I began the Noom Health and Wellness program. I’m only 15 pounds lighter since then.

However, I was hovering around 200 pounds just 6 months ago, and now I am in the 180 area.

What’s that feel like to me?

In a word, I feel healthier.

I can see how much my visceral fat — that’s the fat that covers the organs in the abdomen, and otherwise resides behind the abdominal muscles — has diminished. That stuff is gross, dangerous, and I gotta keep it away.

My blood pressure is better regulated. My readings went from a consistent 132/90 to 124/80. That’s huge, because it gets my doctor off my back about taking meds for my blood pressure, which is something I’ve resisted for many years.

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New Year’s resolutions, fitness goals, and the Noom Health and Wellness Program

My new year’s resolution is to stick with the Noom Health and Wellness program. But let me give you some background that led me to that decision.

The holidays and illness knocked me out of my total fitness program for a while.

That’s fine, because the time away allowed me to reassess my physical activities, which, I now know, had become overwhelming for me.

My physical activity started about 11 weeks ago when I began the Noom program, which includes a daily step count goal that adjusts based on the number of steps I actually take every day. Since I’d been maximizing my steps — I’m in a program, right, might as well go all in — after a few weeks my daily goal had gone up to around 11,000.

That’s great, and maybe I should have stuck with just that. But I didn’t.

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4 months sober and NyQuil®

I quit drinking about 4 months ago. I wrote about it in a post a couple weeks ago.

I recently had a cold, which I also discussed in a different earlier post.

I hate having a cold, as I’m sure you do, too. It’s terrible to feel congested, but I really hate not feeling bad enough to stay in, but fretting about giving my illness to others.

At any rate, I bought a 2-pack of cold medication, the Target house brand version of DayQuil® and NyQuil®.

(For the record, I like the taste of DayQuil better than NyQuil, but that’s neither here nor there.)

I don’t use medications like that when I have the occasional cold — I stick with zinc and megadoses of garlic — but in this case, I was headed to Houston to perform a longform improv set at Station Theater, and I wanted to make sure I’d be able to do a show without being too symptomatic. So I tried them.

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