Resetting Your Body with The Ultimate Reset

I received an email from Beachbody last week about their “Ultimate Reset”.

Admittedly, I am a sucker for Beachbody products, but that’s only because I’ve used them and trust them. I’d rather pay a little more and know I’m getting a quality product than save a few bucks and get crap.

My Ultimate Reset package arrived yesterday, so I read through the literature and thought I’d post something about it to give you more information, if you are considering buying it.

This is a cleanse. If you are not familiar with cleanses, their goal is to clean up your body, liver, and digestive tract, to remove the toxins and impurities from your body so you can start fresh.

At $200+, the Ultimate Reset isn’t cheap, but I see a lot to like about it.

The Ultimate Reset is geared not only to the initial cleansing and balancing action, but also to setting you up for long-term lifestyle changes that you can make to improve your overall health and fitness.

Unlike other cleanses I’ve been through, the Ultimate Reset calls for three meals a day, plus snacks (if necessary). Every meal during the 21-day program is accounted for and recipes are included in the package. The recipes are not complex, but they may include some ingredients you haven’t tried before, like quinoa and millet, kale and miso, so you’ll be introduced to new foods that may change your whole approach to eating.

There are 3 phases, each lasting 7 days. The goals of the phases are reflected in their meal plans.

Phase 1, Reclaim, focuses on removing animal products and refined foods from the diet. Phase 2, Release, completely eliminates animal products, and moving more into vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Phase 3, Restore, eliminates grains and legumes (like pinto beans) to create a cleansing fruit-and-vegetable-based diet.

As with most cleanses, the Ultimate Reset disallows sugars, caffeine, alcohol, and any unnecessary medications. That’s because we are trying to clean the body, and those things, while they may have some documented benefits, may clash with the goal of the cleanse.

Also eliminated from the diet during the Ultimate Reset are any supplements you may take. Supplements are supplied in the package and should be sufficient, if you follow the meal plan.

Chewing gum, even sugar-free, is discouraged. First, because they get your mouth moving and expecting food. Second, because they contain chemicals you don’t want in your body during a cleanse.

People who should not use the Ultimate Reset are:

  • Children under the age of 18 years. They have enough going on inside their bodies already.
  • Pregnant or nursing women.

There are no enemas or strong laxatives involved in the Ultimate Reset, although Phase 2 does include what Beachbody promises is a gentle colon cleanser. Organic foods are recommended — but not required — for all the meals. Strenuous exercise is discouraged, but walking and gentle stretching are recommended, for the 3 weeks of the program.

I should be starting the Ultimate Reset in a few weeks. I’m pretty excited about it, because the meals are quite different than I am accustomed to eating. Plus, I’m curious how my body will react to it — yeah, I like experimenting on my body.

If you are feeling run down, want to drop a few pounds, need to kick start your body, or just feel like it’s an all-around good idea, give the Ultimate Reset a try. Who knows, maybe it’ll get you started on a whole new healthy way of living!

5 YEARS LATER: I love the way the Ultimate Reset kickstarted my new body. I felt really thin and healthy after it. I still recommend it highly.

However, maintenance was an issue afterward. My weight crept back up, slowly, because my dietary habits were good, but I eventually lost touch with my fitness goals.

Recently I decided to try the Noom weight loss program. It works.

I like the way Noom introduces principles and explains them. I like they way Noom helps me build new habits. I like the way Noom causes me to be present for every food decision. I like the way Noom presents no foods as “bad” or “good”, but separates them logically by how they affect my fitness goals.

If you struggle with weight issues, I highly recommend that you check out the Noom weight loss program. It’s free to try, so what have you got to lose?