Zooming with confidence

It’s a way of life these days. I’m on Zoom. A lot.

I take meetings. I attend classes. I perform improvisational theatre. It’s all via Zoom.

I learned early on, by observing how my zoommates sounded and looked, that I needed to improve my video and audio games, because, I reasoned, if my zoommates sounded and looked crappy, I probably did, too.

Here’s a rundown of my recommendations based on what I did to up my Zoom game.

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The wonders of a simple bidet

Who’d have guessed back in March that one of the best things to come out of this covidcrisis would be my discovery of the wonders of a bidet?

Remember how there was a wild run on toilet paper early in the pre-lockdown phase? My solution was to buy a 48-roll box from Who Gives A Crap. It’s bamboo TP — better for the environment, as bamboo is an eminently renewable resource — and not expensive. Great find, I thought, because I hadn’t been able to source inexpensive bamboo TP locally. Thanks, Facebook ad!

But then one day, when I was out, my partner — you can find her at Falcon & Acorn — installed a new Tushy Classic Bidet.

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Remember when we had to remember things?

I woke this morning, and, as always, I looked at the clock. It displayed the correct time. That is not so astonishing, because the primary purpose of a clock is to display the correct time. But, wait, daylight saving time kicked in last night.

In years past, people would end all conversations the week before the arrival of DST with a cheerful “Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead this weekend!”, and we’d do it, usually before going to bed the night before, to ensure all the clocks in the house were accurate on the designated day.

Now my primary clocks are phones and computers, so there’s no need to remember when DST starts or ends — my devices automatically update and tell me.

In fact, there’s hardly a reason to remember much of anything any more.

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Decluttering my life

I was at my partner’s house recently, and, while I’ve always noticed that she tends to be fairly minimal — buying smaller amounts of items that generally buy in bulk, and only owning two forks, for example — on this occasion we needed an AA battery for a new computer mouse. She did not have one.

Now, I cannot imagine not having an AA battery on hand. Or an AAA battery, for that matter.

But she didn’t have one. And we didn’t go out and get one, either. We did something else that did not involve using that mouse.

I want to be more like that.

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My fitness goals are off track. Now what?

I’m off track. Not completely off track, but I am:

  • Not exercising the way I want to
  • Gaining fat beyond my acceptable limit

I’m still maintaining a vegan-plus-eggs diet, but I injured my shoulder about a year ago, and after many months of trying to work through it, I finally figured out it was time to take time off from my workouts to let the thing heal, before I mess it up forever (if I haven’t already).

That decision to rest, though, came after I’d already put on quite a few pounds around my gut, so it’s not as if I became fat while sedentary. I was still working out. Unfortunately, my weight is now back to where it was before I started P90X in February, 2010, and I have to say I am dumbfounded by this set of circumstances.

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