Decluttering my life

I was at my partner’s house recently, and, while I’ve always noticed that she tends to be fairly minimal — buying smaller amounts of items that could be bought in bulk and only owning two forks, for example — on this occasion we needed an AA battery for a new computer mouse. She did not have one.

Now, I cannot imagine not having an AA battery on hand. Or an AAA battery, for that matter.

But she didn’t have one. And we didn’t go out and get one, either. We did something else that did not involve using that mouse.

I want to be more like that.

I tend to have a lot of things on hand. Things I don’t need. I have a full service of silverware that I just don’t need. I have bowls and plates that I just don’t need. I have two colanders!

Oh, sure, all those things may come in handy on occasion, but for the vast majority of the time, they are simply things that clutter my life.

I need less clutter.

As I look around my apartment right now, I wonder how much of the stuff in boxes and bags that I’ve not unpacked yet are just more clutter that I should remove from my life.

I’ve built my life around convenience. I have so many audio and video and miscellaneous cords on hand that it’s ridiculous. But what a bunch of crap! If I need a cord, I can easily buy it!

I have stockpiles of batteries. What a waste of space!

I have cupboards full of food. Way too much food for one person to have on hand. I’m gong to clean that stuff out and give it to a food bank.

I have clothes that I have not worn in years. OUT!

Maybe once I clear out the physical clutter, I can move on to other areas of my life. Like, what things am I doing right now that I don’t need to be doing? Ooh, what services am I paying for that I don’t really need?

This could be the start of something big.