Noom is still great after two years!

It’s October, 2021, so that means it’s been about two years since I signed up with Noom, and I still feel great about the program!

That’s not to say that I don’t fail more now than when I started. I do. For example, last night I had the equivalent of 4 servings of Barbara’s Spoonfuls, my favorite cereal. That’s 4 cups of a “red” food. Not a perfect choice.

In my defense, I had only eaten a small meal around 9am, and when I finally was able to eat again at 5pm, I was pretty hungry. Also, I added fresh blueberries, so that makes it better, right? (It does, but…)

(On a sidenote, I bought some walnut milk to try out, and I used it on the cereal. I like it! My go-to is cashew milk, but walnut milk is definitely delicious. Only slightly nutty, and with a thick, rich texture.)

Anyway, but, yes, I fail, and fail often.

However, when I looked over my article from a year ago, I see that back then I was eating way too much sugar. I don’t do that any more. I got off the ice cream and cookie kick I was on.

Cutting way back on sweets, I think, has also helped the arthritis in my right index finger and right big toe, because sugar is known to encourage inflammation, so keeping my sugar levels lower as I get older is one of my goals.

Unfortunately, my sleep is still not great. I continue to struggle to get back to sleep after I wake in the middle of the night. I am resigned to that, although I hope someday I’ll sleep better, because those occasional nights when I make it all the way through 6.5 to 7 hours of solid sleep feel so good!

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Noom and me — one year later

It’s been a year since I signed up with Noom. Here are some facts.

First the negative.

  • My current diet is not what I’d like it to be. Specifically, I eat way too much sugar, mostly in the form of cookies (okay, Oreos).
  • My arthritis has been acting up in my right index finger and my right big toe.
  • My sleep is still not great. I continue to struggle with getting back to sleep when I wake up early, which is far too often.

Now the positive.

  • My weight is around 160 pounds, which is 15 pounds below my original goal, and 10 pounds below my stretch goal.
  • I’ve been holding steady around 160 pounds since June. This morning I weighed in at 158.2.
  • My grasp of the Noom principles is still intact and manifests itself primarily in my eating less and exercising more. When I overeat those cookies, I know it, and respect the impact that has on my life.
  • My exercise level is pretty good, because I’m able to play disc golf almost daily.
  • I also am still planking regularly to keep my upper body and core more engaged.
  • I feel generally pretty good.
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Gaining weight during the pandemic?

I see so many people and memes commenting on social media about how they are not exercising and eating poorly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I understand. It’s tough.

The gyms are either closed or we think they’re too dangerous to visit.

If we are working from home, the little exercise we used to get going to the office, heading to meetings, walking to the coffee machine — that is gone.

It’s hard to scrape together the motivation to go for a walk through the neighborhood alone. Oh, sure, once, maybe twice a week, but…

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My life during quarantine and still losing weight with Noom … sort of

Like many other people, I am living life in virtual quarantine because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has been going on for about 1.5 months officially.

I am in San Antonio, and we are pretty much opening back up tomorrow, but I’ll continue to live more safely, and that will involve staying home, not exercising as much as I used to, and doing a lot more cooking.

Oddly, during this period of inactivity and eating of what seems to be everything, I have continued to lose weight on Noom.

I used to play disc golf almost daily, easily getting in 10k-20k (sometimes more) steps daily. Now on a good day I get in maybe 8k steps.

I used to eat very little ice cream and sweets. Now I am eating a lot more of that stuff.

However, I used to dine out frequently. I thought that before the COVID rules I was eating informedly and carefully most of the time, but maybe I am remembering incorrectly, because I am a little confounded by my continued weight loss.

Has Noom taken over my mind?

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Noom has helped me lose 30 pounds

I am now almost to 30 pounds down on Noom.

What? How’d that happen?

When I started the program I figured maybe after 20 pounds my body would stop losing, but here I am almost 30 pounds lighter, at 166.2.

This is a pretty amazing accomplishment for me. At age 60, I figured I’d lost any ability to be thin again.

The funny-in-a-sad-way thing about how I looked at 195, was the way people would associate me with “thin”. On more that one occasion, I’d been in conversations where someone would say to me, “Well, you’re thin,” or something similar.

Trust me, I never believed it. However, I suppose for the average American 60-year-old maybe I was thin.

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