Noom has helped me lose 30 pounds

I am now almost to 30 pounds down on Noom.

What? How’d that happen?

When I started the program I figured maybe after 20 pounds my body would stop losing, but here I am almost 30 pounds lighter, at 166.2.

This is a pretty amazing accomplishment for me. At age 60, I figured I’d lost any ability to be thin again.

The funny-in-a-sad-way thing about how I looked at 195, was the way people would associate me with “thin”. On more that one occasion, I’d been in conversations where someone would say to me, “Well, you’re thin,” or something similar.

Trust me, I never believed it. However, I suppose for the average American 60-year-old maybe I was thin.

Now I’m 30 pounds thinner.

I wish I could say that I feel great, but I’m 60, so… I will say that I probably feel better than many people my age. I’m not on any prescription drugs, and I can still jump up and climb a wall or catch a person who jumps into my arms when I need to!

(Sometimes I do need to do those things, when I’m on stage with my improv teams Tiny Mamá and Ramen On Sunday.)

If I can maintain this weight loss during the COVID-19 lockdown I’m in right now, I’ll be ecstatic. But I know my activity level will drop significantly, because the disc golf courses are closed, and that activity is my primary way to get steps in.

“Just go for a walk, Steve,” people say.

“Boring,” I reply.

That’s what I love about having found disc golf. It’s made walking interesting for me again. So without it, I wonder what will happen to my fitness level, and my weight.

I suppose only time will tell.

Anyway, there are more important things going on in the world right now than my weight loss, so I’m focused on keeping myself and my loved ones safe.

I hope you are too.

This might be a good opportunity, though, to try Noom. You’re eating a lot more at home now, right? Take control of your diet!