Living life 20 pounds lighter

I am not yet 20 pounds lighter from when I began the Noom Health and Wellness program. I’m only 15 pounds lighter since then.

However, I was hovering around 200 pounds just 6 months ago, and now I am in the 180 area.

What’s that feel like to me?

In a word, I feel healthier.

I can see how much my visceral fat — that’s the fat that covers the organs in the abdomen, and otherwise resides behind the abdominal muscles — has diminished. That stuff is gross, dangerous, and I gotta keep it away.

My blood pressure is better regulated. My readings went from a consistent 132/90 to 124/80. That’s huge, because it gets my doctor off my back about taking meds for my blood pressure, which is something I’ve resisted for many years.

I am eating better, more mindfully. I purposely eat more salad. I eat leaner meats. When I make a different choice, like stopping into my favorite gelato place or having some french fries, I’m aware of the choice and make it knowingly.

I am exercising more. I started by walking a lot. It was kind of easy, because I’d just moved to a new part of San Antonio, so walking around and discovering the neighborhood and what surrounds it was exciting. Then my friend Zakk introduced me to disc golf, and most of my walking is now part of that game. I also do pushups almost daily.

All this adds up to my feeling healthier.

The weird thing about being down 20 pounds is that it did not feel that hard to do. At least not once I started the Noom Health and Wellness program.

As I said above, I lost the first 5 pounds pre-Noom. I think that weight came off because I quit drinking. But I was stuck at around 195.

Enter Noom.

With its exercise targets, calorie budgets, active coaches, and, last but not least, daily articles about the psychology of weight loss and fitness, I’ve lost the 15 pounds without much difficulty at all.

Sure I have to find time to exercise. And, no, I can’t just eat whatever I want, whenever I want. Of course not. Noom’s not magic.

But there is something scientifically magical about Noom. The program hits me right where I need it to: inside my mind.

Just as I was able to quit drinking after listening to THIS NAKED MIND by Annie Grace, so now do I feel ready to control my eating with Noom.

I can’t explain it other than to say Noom works for me.

I love living 20 pounds lighter, and I hope to make it to 25 before I settle in.