I love disc golf!

Disc golf. Who knew? My friend Zakk Shanks knew.

Back in December 2019, Zakk and I were talking, and he asked whether I’d ever played disc golf. I’d never tried it, and had only sort of heard of it, but was immediately intrigued. Golf? With frisbees? What’s not to like?

I say I’d sort of heard of it, because my other friend Paul Normandin and I had briefly discussed Ultimate Frisbee, which he plays. I had no idea what UF was, so in my mind it was disc golf. Our conversation that day was cut very short for some reason, so I never clarified.

Nevertheless, the day after that discussion with Paul, I’d ordered an Innova starter set from Amazon, for disc golf not Ultimate, and they’d been in my closet ever since.

Anyway, I love walking, but I like to have a reason for it, so disc golf sounded right up my alley. Zakk and I set up a time to play, and I met him at the Trinity University disc golf course for my first disc golf experience.

I was hooked. I sucked, but I was hooked. What a challenge!

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Disc Golf Videos – Forehand / Sidearm

These are some of my favorite disc golf instructional videos that focus on the forehand (sidearm) throw. I am right-handed, so I find forehand most useful when I am trying to curve the disc from left to right. I also use forehand when I want to keep the throw lower and when I need to hit a close gap.