How I am changing myself through Noom

I’ve noticed some positive changes in myself since starting the Noom program 3.5 weeks ago.

  1. My weight is down. I can see it. 8 pounds, and I can see it with my shirt off.
  2. My skin is softer, which is weird, because I noticed this last week, when it was freezing cold here in San Antonio, and usually that means dry skin for me. I’ve experienced softer skin before, and it was directly attributable to a change in diet — I was on a vegan cleanse — so I’m going to assume this change is due to my participation in Noom.
  3. My meat consumption — almost none — is about the same, but I’m not afraid to eat it, because sometimes it’s a better choice (maybe). My sugar consumption is down. And I am focusing more on fruits and vegetables plus whole grains (even though many whole grains are Red foods in Noom).
  4. My dietary choices are changing. Where I’d normally eat bread, I’m eating sweet potatoes. Where I’d normally eat gelato, I’m eating sorbet. Where I’d normally not eat greens, I’m putting frozen spinach into my meal.
  5. My dietary habits are changing. I’m more present in my eating, consuming food only until I’m full. Where I’d normally eat a lot, I’m eating less.

I am still skeptical, because I’m only 3.5 weeks into the program, but here’s the thing: I don’t feel as if I’m being put out, and I don’t feel that when I fail, it’s over.

For example, I skipped my 30-minute walks a few days. It was either too cold outside, or I was too busy, or I just didn’t feel like it.

For another example, I routinely bust through my calorie budget by 10-25%. Not most days, but fairly often.

As Christian Slater’s character, Oz, would say in the tv show Breaking In, “I’ll allow it.”

(If you’ve not seen Breaking In, I highly recommend that you track it down and watch it while you work out. Or while you’re relaxing. But watch it.)

It’s okay if I slack off a bit. If I miss exercise for a day, or even two. If I eat a couple scoops of gelato, even after my calorie budget for the day is done.

It’s okay to fail, because this is a journey, and small deviations or diversions along the way are something to enjoy and then get back onto the main road once they’re over.

That in itself is a new mindset for me, and it’s one that Noom encourages.

So add one more item to that list above:

6. My attitude is changing.

I am becoming more tolerant of failure, because I understand that on this journey failure is just a blip to add to my experience list, and not something to beat myself up about.

I don’t need to punish myself for failure. I need to simply acknowledge that what I did was not in line with my fitness goals, and that’s okay. I’m not perfect.

That is an attitude that just might make the Noom program sustainable for the rest of my life.