Losing weight with Noom

After 6 weeks on the Noom weight loss program, I had hoped to be at my goal weight. But I’m not.

But let me tell you: I could not be happier with the program!

I’ll give you the numbers and let you decide. I started at 195.0. I am now, 6 weeks later, at 182.8

My goal, or, rather, the goal Noom set for me after my digital interview, was 181.3 after 6 weeks. I’m 1.5 pounds above that.

But I am down 12 pounds! That is 2 pounds per week, and that, as I recall from all my reading over the years on nutrition, health, and weight loss, is a good rate of loss for sustainable downsizing.

I’m ecstatic!

I’ve been trying to lose fat for the past few years, and I’ve failed. When I went below 190 after a couple weeks, I was pretty excited. When I went below 185, I was elated. When I popped back up a little, I was disappointed, but now that the first 6 weeks are over and I’m down 12(.2) pounds, I have a feeling of accomplishment.


Those 6 weeks, btw, included Thanksgiving and a weekend trip to New Orleans. I don’t drink, but I sure do love good food, and New Orleans has plenty of it. That’s not to mention road food on the drive there and back. Yikes!

I know I can’t easily walk off extra calories. After all, every mile — running or walking — only burns 100 calories. To burn off a 650-calorie vanilla shake, I’d have to walk 6.5 miles, and who has time for that.

But I did increase my walking.

On Thanksgiving, as I mentioned in a previous article, I got in a lot of steps, because I went for a 5-mile hike over sometimes steep and rough terrain. In fact, for that week, I got in almost 100k steps!

When I was in New Orleans, I had my biggest steps day so far, at around 22k, which for me is around 11 miles. But I ate so much good food.

Thanks to Noom, I made better food choices, though. I sought out vegetable-based items, rather than eating fatty meats, although on the drive into New Orleans, we stopped at a Mexican restaurant and I ate more ground beef than I have eaten in years. It was delicious.

Noom has taught me that there are no bad foods, and that being conscious of what I’m eating can help me keep the more calorie dense foods, like the beef burrito and enchilada I had, to a minimum. Tbh, that’s not something I did there — I ate way too much beef, oh, and the chips were great, too, forgot about them — but I was aware of my choice, and I made it consciously (and deliciously).

I did not beat myself up about it. I accepted the fact that the Mexican food choice and all the other food choices I made on that trip were fine.

Having said that, I’ll probably cut back this week, now that I’m back home, because I want to do that. Another conscious choice.

And that is how I’ll keep my 12 pounds off and, hopefully, take off a few more. (I’d like to get to 175, or — dare I dream? — 170.

Thanks, Noom. Thanks to my partner, Tara. And thanks to me. I couldn’t have gotten this far without all those working together.

12 pounds!