People get way too hung up on age

I just read a status update on Facebook about someone being (jokingly) upset that someone else had exposed her age.

This is actually quite a common reaction among people — especially women for some reason — but why is it even a factor in our way of thinking?

There are only a few ages we really need to care about in the United States.

  • 5-years-old – Start school
  • 16-years-old – Get a driver’s license
  • 18-years-old – Vote
  • 21-years-old – Legally drink alcohol

That’s about it.

Outside those ages — except maybe 50-years-old, when it’s time to start getting colonoscopies (yikes!), and 40-years-old for women and mammograms — nothing else matters.

So why are we so obsessed with age?

This obsession can paralyze us, because, yes, as we get older, we do seem to have more medical problems. The problem is that we just tend to accept this fact: Older = More Medical Problems.

  • Of course I have high blood pressure. I am old! (That was me.)
  • Of course I am overweight. I am old! (That was me.)
  • Of course I have type 2 diabetes. I am old! (That was almost me.)


Stop using “old” as an excuse. Your body may not be as resilient at it used to be, and you may need to take it a little easier — at least at first — but you can still push it.

Even if you can’t move very well, put down the donuts and ice cream and start eating right. Turn the damn tv off and get some steps in.

I tell you this stuff, because that was me! I was at the point where I knew I needed to get into better shape, but I thought I was just too old.

I was not too old to get fit and neither are you.

Yes, as we hang around this planet longer, something is bound to creep up on us. But it’s time to stop worrying about what you can’t help, and start doing something about what you can — and stop worrying about your age already!