Losing weight with Noom

After 6 weeks on the Noom weight loss program, I had hoped to be at my goal weight. But I’m not.

But let me tell you: I could not be happier with the program!

I’ll give you the numbers and let you decide. I started at 195.0. I am now, 6 weeks later, at 182.8

My goal, or, rather, the goal Noom set for me after my digital interview, was 181.3 after 6 weeks. I’m 1.5 pounds above that.

But I am down 12 pounds! That is 2 pounds per week, and that, as I recall from all my reading over the years on nutrition, health, and weight loss, is a good rate of loss for sustainable downsizing.

I’m ecstatic!

I’ve been trying to lose fat for the past few years, and I’ve failed. When I went below 190 after a couple weeks, I was pretty excited. When I went below 185, I was elated. When I popped back up a little, I was disappointed, but now that the first 6 weeks are over and I’m down 12(.2) pounds, I have a feeling of accomplishment.

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How I am changing myself through Noom

I’ve noticed some positive changes in myself since starting the Noom program 3.5 weeks ago.

  1. My weight is down. I can see it. 8 pounds, and I can see it with my shirt off.
  2. My skin is softer, which is weird, because I noticed this last week, when it was freezing cold here in San Antonio, and usually that means dry skin for me. I’ve experienced softer skin before, and it was directly attributable to a change in diet — I was on a vegan cleanse — so I’m going to assume this change is due to my participation in Noom.
  3. My meat consumption — almost none — is about the same, but I’m not afraid to eat it, because sometimes it’s a better choice (maybe). My sugar consumption is down. And I am focusing more on fruits and vegetables plus whole grains (even though many whole grains are Red foods in Noom).
  4. My dietary choices are changing. Where I’d normally eat bread, I’m eating sweet potatoes. Where I’d normally eat gelato, I’m eating sorbet. Where I’d normally not eat greens, I’m putting frozen spinach into my meal.
  5. My dietary habits are changing. I’m more present in my eating, consuming food only until I’m full. Where I’d normally eat a lot, I’m eating less.
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My dietary and exercise habits are improving

I’m winding down Week 3 of my Noom program, and I’m feeling pretty good about how I’ve done so far.

My calorie overruns were not as out of control this week. I only went way over a couple times, and that was only by about 300 calories each time.

And I was under my budget several times. What? How’d that happen?

My physical activity is hanging in there really well, too. I’m doing 25-50 pushups and taking at least a 30-minute walk — often much longer than that — almost every day. I want to increase the pushups, so I’ll focus on that a bit more during Week 4.

I skipped a day of walking this week because it was freezing cold here in San Antonio. And rainy. But I want the next day, even though it was still freezing cold and rainy. Fortunately we usually have better weather than that, so outdoor exercise is not generally a problem, with the caveat that during the summer it must be done in the morning before the sun scorches the Earth.

So, yeah, overall I’m pretty impressed with what Noom has done for me thus far.

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Weighing in with Noom

I’m starting Week 3 of my Noom program, and it’s going great. I’m exercising more. I’m watching what I eat from a holistic perspective, rather than singling out some foods as “bad” (even if my writing and attitude may sometimes lean that way).

I’m enjoying myself!

But one thing I don’t like is weighing in daily.

I know from my many past experiences with weight loss programs that weight fluctuates daily based on a lot of factors, including food consumption, level of hydration, and, by the gods, whether or not I’ve emptied my bowels.

Noom says that daily weigh-ins are motivational. I’ll bet they are for a majority of people, but, as we know, if we think scientifically, it is folly to apply generalizations to individuals.

We know that smoking causes lung cancer. 80-90% of all lung cancer cases are a direct result of smoking!

Did you also know that only 10-15% of smokers ever develop lung cancer?

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Losing weight with Noom and hitting milestones

I’m pretty excited, because I weighed in this morning, and I am at 189.8 — under 190 for the first time in many years.

I don’t know how many years. You may think that because I run a fitness blog I am obsessed with weighing and charting and tracking. I’m not. Except when I am. And I am right now.

I am pretty sure this will be short-lived. Tomorrow I’ll be heavier. That’s how my body works, always 2-3 days behind.

Take the current situation, for example. The two days prior to yesterday, which would be Monday and Tuesday, I was at or under my daily calorie budget. Yesterday, however, I ate a whole pizza and a large portion of gelato. That pushed me way over my target calorie count, even with the extra calories from a walking workout.

Side Note: With Noom on I get one extra calorie for every two I burn during a workout that same day. Yes, my caloric budget increases with exercise. How cool is that? Very cool. That is very cool.

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