Does your significant other sidetrack your fitness goals?

I often have been sidetracked from my fitness goals by my significant other.

It’s not her fault. Honestly, I don’t expect my wife to make every dietary turn with me in my quest for fitness. That’s not fair to her, now, is it? But, too often I give in. The cupcake is there, and I cave in and eat it.


I am not sure what changed in me. Perhaps it was reading Taubes’s Good Calories, Bad Calories, which convinced me that sugar is a poison. Perhaps it was watching my waist shrink with my new higher protein, lower carb lifestyle. Perhaps it was just because I had reached the end of my rope and knew I wanted to be fit. Whatever the reason, I swear, you could put a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting right next to me and I would not be tempted even to taste it.

Where are you in your fitness journey? Have you reached a point where you are determined to be fit? Or are you still able to be knocked off track?

I guess it’s kinda like quitting smoking. I tried to quit many times, even quitting for 18 months at one point, only to start back. But the last time I quit, I never again had any temptation to smoke. Right from the first second of that decision. I was done. Hell, I even dated women who smoked, took puffs off their cigarettes (without inhaling), and never restarted.

Breaking ourselves of our laziness and, more importantly, our eating habits, is a lot like breaking ourselves of other addictions. At some point we just say, “Enough is enough!”

How close are you to that point? When you reach it, no one can deter you from it, not even your significant other.

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