Does your significant other sidetrack your fitness goals? (Part 2)

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Okay, so you’ve had that moment, you’ve decided to eat healthy, but your significant other is not on board. That’s fine. Difficult, but fine.

You simply need to eat separate meals. Sorry, but you gotta do it.

Well, not necessarily. You can do it like a friend of mine, and make food for both of you — or all of you, if  you have others in your family — and then you just eat what you can. But that gets old. Fast. For example, if you choose to go low carb, you end up peeling the breading off fried chicken, eating burgers without the buns, having a delicious BLT sandwich — without the bread. You are making do, instead of creating meals that are right for your goals.

You just have to have to get over it, get over the trouble it is, get over the psychological drama that may ensue, and just fix yourself separate meals.

I know, it’s tough. For me, there was a problem with the invisible rift that put between me and my wife. We were dining together, but not really, because I almost always had to have different food than she did. But, you know what? It was only weird for a while. Now it’s normal.

That’s why I say get over it. It’s all psychological. What the heck is wrong with eating what you want to eat, especially if what you want to eat is aimed at creating a healthier you? Sometimes you really need to put yourself first. This is, after all, your life we’re talking about.