Insanity: The Asylum – DAY 23 – “Speed & Agility”

I took my own advice from the other day and took an extra day off. My body is just beat. I have minor pulls in several muscles. I have a weird intermittent feeling of coolness in my left hip. My right ankle feels weird.

Shaun T is always saying how your mind has to conquer your body, how even if your body doesn’t want to be there working out, your mind needs to make it work. That’s how you get better.

I buy that, but he also says to stay within your own skill and fitness level.

So, I took the extra day off, and will propel myself forward with my mind, because my body is only about 50% (if that) into it.

Shaun T's AsylumThe extra day helped a lot. I was able to recharge. I did a little Tony Horton stretching, from One-On-One Volume 3, but that’s it.

Even though the day off helped, though, I gotta say, I just don’t like this workout. And that’s not my worn out body talking. It’s really a matter of space.

I only have about a 6-foot-by-6-foot area  of padded floorespace to work out in. That works well for just about everything, but this workout, with that agility ladder, is too challenging logistically.

With a larger area, like they use in the video, I could just leave the ladder where it is and adjust my body to fit the exercise. But with my limited space, I need to move the ladder around too much, and sometimes I just can’t do what needs to be done, so I have to modify.

For the last iteration of this workout, I believe I’ll just skip the ladder altogether, and see how the routine goes without it.

Anyway, I feel pretty good afterward, no worse for the wear. I don’t have comparative numbers for “Speed & Agility”, but I do for my favorite Asylum workout, which I’ll do tomorrow, so I am looking forward to seeing if the numbers reflect how worn out my body feels.