The Ultimate Reset – Day 10

Yes, I’m still doing The Ultimate Reset, but even I found the day-by-day posts boring. If you managed to slog through them, I think you get the idea.

I’m in Day 10, which is the middle of Phase 2: Release. There is an added supplement this week, which I take 3 times a day. It’s called Detox, and it mixes with water. It’s kinda chunky, but tastes like an earthy tea with a hint of citrus. Not bad.

So, yes, from the name “Release” you might think this is the week of the actual cleansing. So far, nothing irregular has happened, so that’s all good by me.

The food is now vegetarian and also moving away from grains. It’s still tasty. The Sweet Potato and Roasted Red Pepper Bisque last night was excellent.

I am so happy to be doing this for my body. I really needed a rest from all the working out — no strenuous exercise allowed during The Ultimate Reset, so I’m only doing Rodney Yee’s Flexibility Yoga — and it is serving as a transition for me from a meat-heavy low-carb diet to a modified vegetarian diet.

Why the change?

I feel pretty good all the time, but I want to feel better. I believe I’ve mentioned the burning in my eyes before. I don’t like it and I have no good idea why it happens. It’s not dry eyes, which seems like hogwash to me. Something causes dry eyes, and want to see if it’s my diet.

So, after The Ultimate Reset, I’m going to try out a modified vegetarian diet, which means:

  • Lots of fruit and veggies
  • Eggs
  • Whey protein
  • Fish

I really want to keep the animal protein in the diet, because it’s higher quality than what I can get from vegan sources. Plus, obviously, that adds more options for meals.

My post-Reset exercise plan will be:

  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • 2 Days of Insanity
  • 1 Day of resistance training

As I read through the Facebook pages for the 3 phases of The Ultimate Reset, I see a lot of people who are thrilled either by the weight loss or the great way they feel. I also see people who are disappointed with the results.

The Ultimate Reset is not about weight loss! It’s about cleaning out your body and resetting its chemistry as close to zero as possible so you can start over!

And that’s what I plan to do. Start over with a new diet and a new exercise plan as I continue on my quest for fitness!